A Gentle Introduction to the Railways

I wanted to have an authentic Indian train journey, so I booked a sleeper train from Jaipur to Udaipur. The idea is; you show up at the station late, sleep in a bunk, and wake up at your destination. Carriages with glass in the windows are extra.

Alas, upon arriving for my 11pm train, it was expected at 1am. Also, I find out I am on the waiting list for a bunk and they may not be able to fit me in. After an hour of queueing, my train is now due at 3am, which I can only imagine means it has reversed up the line.

So I gave up, booked a flight, got a nights sleep and still got to my destination the next day before the train did. 

I met an Aussie couple at the airport and we swapped all our survival tips – I find out Uber is in India, is cheaper than a tuk-tuk (rickshaw) and takes a MasterCard. This is good news.

Udaipur is spectacularly beautiful, my favourite so far. It’s got much more water and geography than the desert, but the dust is getting to be a problem for my camera and my lungs. I want to see the new Star Wars soon (no spoilers please!), so I’ll aim for Mumbai and Bollywood next.


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