Indian Gastronomy

Food has been an issue. The lack of cash combined with my European digestion has resulted in my ‘routine’.

I get up at 6am with the call to prayer, brush my teeth and boot up my ATM app. I raid a couple of cash machines before the locals figure out they are restocked, then get a large three course brunch at a venue where the food is good (i.e they didn’t make me ill last time).

Then I head out for the day, and visit a shop somewhere to get bottled water. Before bed I eat a packet of biscuits or a tube of Pringles. The Pringles tubes here are slightly narrower than in the UK, so I can’t fit my hand inside. It’s infuriating having to to invert the tube like a clumsy gorilla.

But today was different. I attended Indian cookery school, by Shashi. I was informed at least three times to ‘come hungry’, and she did not disappoint. Pakora is going in my cookbook, next to the mango dust chutney. I also finally met a few other travellers, they are thin on the ground right now.


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