Christmas in Goa

I have been told that I plan ahead too much. So I’m trying something new, on a tip from a stranger I’m heading to Goa for Christmas, without a plan or any forward bookings. It’s an ex-Portuguese colony on the coast with loads of Catholics.

It hasn’t gone very well, it’s an enormous tourist trap. My first (sleepy) hostel advertised they accepted credit cards, but it turns out they were exaggerating. Also, it smelled like cement dust as it was still half a construction site.

Running low on cash, I swapped to a (party) hostel, but forgot to check the smoking policy. People here were up for a drink, but most of them stunk of tobacco so badly that I couldn’t stand near them without feeling nauseous. 

There were also drugs being passed around, my bed was steel-framed with no springs and half the guys in my dorm snored like pigs. And I had to educate the hostess on the difference between the number of beds (seven) and the number of lockers (four). They had also exaggerated their ability to accept credit cards.

I ate out on Christmas Eve (tourist pizza, way too much cheese) and got savaged by mosquitos, even through my socks. I starting looking for new digs, but the beaches nearer the city were full of fat tourists. I finally found a guest house next to the airport and moved in on Christmas Day. Checking out this morning I find out their credit card machine is broken, which resulted in relquishing the last of my cash including all my small change. I’m now walking to the bus station as I can’t afford a taxi.

To hell with this, you can keep your relaxed, spontaneous lifestyle. From what I’ve witnessed, it consists of:

  • Arguing about small amounts of money,
  • Having the same three conversations over and over again, and;
  • Getting so wasted you spend most of your daylight hours sleeping upright so you don’t choke on you own tounge

Let’s see, good points on Goa. I bought a cool pair of shorts, the supermarket had delicious raspberry sorbet, and I met a guy with my exact camera (we’re Instagram friends now).

Looking forward, I have spent most of the last few days using my brain to plan my New Years in Kochi. They have an elephant parade with fireworks, and it will be awesome. 

I’m impressed by Bangalore airport, they have used the ‘dead zone’ inside the luggage carousel as a garden.


2 thoughts on “Christmas in Goa

  1. Wow! What a heady mixture of experiences 😂 BUT, as the saying goes, what hurts you strengthens you. 😇 In those circumstances, you should return to the U.K. like a giant refreshed. x


    1. No worries Nanna, I escaped yesterday and I’m taking a mental health day at the airport.

      Sometime travelling is dull and exasperating, I’m here at the worst possible time as it’s the highest of the high season, and the cash crisis continues. Things should get better starting January 2nd. Thanks for your kind words.


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