Kerala 2017

Kerala is dry. The state has decided to outlaw alcohol, which made New Years with my new friends a conundrum. We ended up in a queue at the only government outlet in the city, while every alcoholic within a hundred miles competed for their fix. I’m not sure prohibition works.

I ended 2016 stood on a construction digger on the beach, while the locals burned a giant effigy of Santa Claus. At the parade the next day I got to walk next to a bull elephant for a bit (they are much bigger than your perceptions at the zoo). We also met some teams about to start the two week, 2000 mile ‘Rickshaw Run’, a journey for which I would prefer something with softer suspension.

I also chilled out on the Alleppy backwaters, the only place in India you will not hear horn noises. 

Yesterday all I managed to do was find some loose change, book a train ticket and get a new SIM card. In Europe that would be a waste of a day, but here my expectations are so low I’m counting it as a win. I’m getting a bit tired of the overcrowding and constant logistical bureaucracy, I think I’ll be glad to move on in a few weeks.


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