Snooty Ooty

British officers and beauracrats used the hill stations around Kerala as their summer base, leading to the nickname ‘Snooty Ooty’. The temperate is a perfect eighteen degrees, there are no touts trying to sell you things, and no-one beeping their horn twenty-four hours a day. 

Ooty reminds me of a cross between Cuzco and Dartmoor. I decided to stay here a few days and recharge my mental health.

On my first night I was given a birthday cake by my hostel! Apparantly there was a distortion in my passport scan, but I played along.

We played some floor chess. We also went on a Bison hunt, but they retreated into the trees before I could get a photo. I was warned not to enter any dense terrain as they are more dangerous than the leopards and tigers.

I’ve decided I can’t eat Indian food three times a day. It’s great, but my European digestion is not equipped. After careful consideration, I have concluded chocolate pizza is not the solution.


2 thoughts on “Snooty Ooty

  1. How about writing a journal/self-help book 📚 about the pros and cons of dietary needs/avoidances for the traveller, with a European digestive system, in India. Now having ‘got that tee-shirt, you should be an expert on the subject- and wrapped in humour and foresight, you could make a fortune, or not!! Take care, at all levels. x


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