Mysore Massage

I’ve been adjusting the way I travel. The past month or so I have been ‘on the road’, moving on every three days or so. It’s how you backpack when time is short, and you have to back at work on a set date. You have many adventures, but it’s also expensive, exhausting and lonely.

So, I’m going to try to settle in places for longer. I’ve been in Mysore for a week now, it’s India’s cleanest city (It’s almost clean!). I went for a walk yesterday, crossing a dry lakebed, and saw a monkey fight. The guy guarding the sandlewood factory gave me some weird delicious fruit (cashew flowers?). I’m still alive, so they arn’t poisonous.

I’ve spent most of the week making friends at Thai Massage School. It was cool, and it does remove your fear of touching strangers. I’ll probably put a few techniques together, the total routine is over two hours long with fifty plus movements.

My room also comes with a pet bat. I have called him Bruce and he lives in my lampshade.


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