A Gentle Introduction to Thailand

I had a rough start in India. My first week was probably the most challenging thing I have ever done while traveling, and I once floated down the Amazon in a hollowed out tree with no money.

So it was with some anxiety that I made it into Bangkok. How would it go? Would it take another four days to book a train ticket?

Test One: The immigration lady stamped my passport and waived me through, completely wasting the fake onward plane ticket I had bought for her benefit. The military police appear to be asleep.

Two: My bag arrived promptly on the conveyor, and no one had walked off with it or anything.

Three…..?: I then had an arduous trek across the lobby to hunt down a cash point. I spotted an ATM with no queue, which I guessed meant it had been empty for a month. I tried it anyway and it paid out as much cash as I asked for. This is too good to be true, am I dreaming?

FOUR: Now the big test. SIM and 3G. How long would it take me to find a legitimate shop? Would I need a passport sized photo and a reference from a Thai national? Followed by two days of call centres, and returning to the shop as they can’t scan a visa correctly? How many potatoes would power the 3G?

I found a guy with a cart and it took seven minutes. My new number is Thailand 0654918095.

Sorry about the anticlimax. The bad news is that my blog is going to be much more boring from now on. I may have to open a stall at a night market, or get a pet elephant, before I start loosing subscribers.


2 thoughts on “A Gentle Introduction to Thailand

  1. After all you’ve been through you deserve some ‘boring’ stuff – still interesting for us though! Perhaps you’re just more chilled after all that massaging? Thanks for the photo captions. Still waiting for a kitten, though! Have a great time in Thailand – any plans fir a ‘school’?


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