Pai Society

I appear to have recovered from my Indian PTSD, after few days locked in a hotel room my eyelid has stopped twitching. My poker face is also slipping, as not everyone here sees me as an ATM, a target or a curious zoo exhibit.

I am noticing the locals though. Thanks to some clever moves by the royal family, Thailand was never colonised and has a unique culture. Thais take great pride in their appearance, and it is perplexing to them that ‘rich westerners’ are so fat and unkempt. Orthodontic braces are fashionable here, even into adulthood.

Getting a massage in Thailand is seen as a daily workout, like jogging. I got slapped with a bagful of hot herbs today, I think I’ll stick to the regular massage. Though, I do smell good now.

I’m in a hill town called Pai, near the border with Myanmar. In a few years it’ll be dreadful and ruined, but right now it’s the new, fresh place to see and be seen. It’s not built around a a major palace, fort or beach, so no real pics yet. But I’ll get a full brochure together for next update.

Gillian, I think this used to be a kitten recently. I’m fairly sure that these are still chicks though.
Robert Downey Jnr. posed for a photograph
This is a big mountain of discarded sweetcorn cores


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