Visit Pai!

Heaven on Earth. Not quite, but Pai is extremely good value. Here are some facts about Pai, and why you should visit:

The Climate: 30 degrees with low humidity. The air is fresh and clean, and contains very few mosquitos.

The Terrain: Pai lies just south of Burma/Myanmar, in a flat valley. It’s great for cycling, with hills surrounding it. It’s very, very green, with some water scattered about.

The caves, the waterfalls, the canyons and the hot springs are all an easy drive away.

Boxing School: £2 per hour for small class instruction. You will not struggle to loose weight here.

Get a Thai Massage: It’s £5 per hour for a deep tissue massage. If you really like it, you can join the massage school.

Eat Great Food: Budget for £3 for a restaurant meal, you can choose from either rural Thai food, or western dishes. Cookery schools are plentiful.

Sleep: I have a private room across the river for £16 a night right now, but in the medium term you can hire a two bed apartment a few miles out of town for £175 per month.

Internet: The real deal here is in the prepaid SIM cards. For £4 you can get 5 gigs of 4G data straight to your phone/laptop. Mine is currently running at 28/4 down/up, more than enough to work or study.

Security: No crime to speak of. Pai has a hospital and an airport for emergencies.

I’m unsure if this was a joke

And the downsides of Pai?

I got tar on my shoes when they resurfaced the main road. There are more guys here than girls, so it’s pretty macho. Every day I see a new western dude with leg wounds from coming off his motorbike. I appear to have bought every shop in town out of my favourite ice cream, but I suppose that one is self-inflicted.

I may be here for a while.

For your amusement, try and decode this sign:

Thailand was never colonised, so this is normal

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