A Day in the Life

8 am: Awake. Too early, try again in an hour.

9:15am: OK. Now have to get up. Dress self and wander across bridge for Brunch. I swear bridge has more holes every time I cross it.

Muesli, with yoghurt, fruit and honey at streetside bar. Dutch couple strike up conversation with me about my toe shoes.

10:00am Arrive at massage school for intermediate class. Mr and Mrs Suttipong have agreed to run it for me solo. An hour of instruction and an hour of practice, I now know how to walk on someone’s back. 

Must only use my powers for good.

12:00 Second Brunch. Avocado eggs, poached.

13:00 Actual massage. Real tight spots in legs, and in lower arms and between shoulder blades. Trying not to make grunting noises for benefit of other customers.

14:00 Need to visit some shops. Find small supermarket that sells Thai-branded Weetabix.

15:00 Arrive at Thai boxing gym. Familiar smell of sweat greets my nose. Two hour class, involving jogging while dragging a tyre. The instructors carry bamboo canes giving a very ‘Japanese Concentration Camp’ feel.

17:00 Swing past cookery school on way home to book class for tomorrow.

18:00 Dinner. Only one restaurant in walking distance of room, and I have tried everything on their menu twice already and it’s all rice. Ideally need fibre.

Improvised by dipping fruit weetabix into glass of milk, no spoon involved.

20:00 Music from campfire draws attention. Investigate, and a group of travelling performers are giving lessons on fire spinning to the hostel guests. Enjoying the challenge of photographing something so dark and fast moving.

22:00 Reading before bedtime. Managed to make it through another chapter of ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’, which I have been avoiding for about a decade. Author’s writing style, lacking superfluous words and pronouns, does seem to mimic my own.


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