No More Rice

Please God, I can’t eat rice for another day. My initial enthusiasm for Thai cooking has given way into an appropriate lesson in Bhuddist theology. Namely, that anything becomes suffering when repeated ad nauseam.

In the same way the British say ‘Have you had your tea?’, Thai’s say ‘Have you had rice?’

Initially I was enthusiastic about Thai food. The blend of sweet, sour and salty tastes has always been delicious. I spent two days at chef school, and discovered the secrets of Thai cooking.

It was bright outside

First you take loads of healthy vegetables and lean meats. Then, you wok them up in oil, adding plenty of spices, salt, sugar and soy sauce. Finally, you serve them with rice.

I’m serious. Red, green and yellow curry, sweet and sour sauce, phad thai and thai holy basil are all the same dish. The coconut and prawn soups are the same thing, but done in a saucepan with water.

Red chilli paste ready to go in the pestle

I’ve got the recipes on my memory stick. The red curry was good, and I like the sweet and sour sauce. The secret ingredient is ketchup.

“2 tablespoons tomato sauce”

Not that the food isn’t great here. I’ve been varying it with pesto eggs, Israeli Schnitzel /Humous and my favourite off-brand Weetabix. I also cooked my lunch in a volcanic spring. It took twenty-five minutes and it was a bit smelly.

The sign didn’t say anything about Mango Sticky Rice

I also found out Red Bull was invented in Thailand. It was watered down for European markets, and the original rocket fuel can be found here. I left a bottle out in my hostel as an experiment, I’m just waiting for someone to drink it.


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