Last Week in Thailand

The valley is on fire. The locals are preforming a controlled burn of all the dead foliage, and  the smoke is making everything taste funny.

They do this to stop devastating forest fires

Life here has settled nicely. The locals call me ‘Mister James’, and I get extra food in my portions.

The Breakfast Hut

I hired a bungalow half a mile out of town, and I’m enjoying the solitude. Most travellers only stay in Pai for a few days, so after my fourth cycle of friends I decided to stop trying.

The house is cool, my bathroom has a resident lizard that I have named Littlefoot. I have no curtains, so the dawn through my window is my alarm clock.

My House

All the spare time makes a good atmosphere for exercise. As I can see the White Bhudda from my bedroom, the three hundred steps make for a fun jog.

Morning Run

And I’m a regular at the Thai boxing gym now. Thai people take a ‘western’ nickname, as their true name is unpronounceable. For some reason, my trainer has chosen the name ‘Taliban’ 😂

I have a few more massage lessons this weekend, before I move on next week.


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