Goodbye Paradise

In a small town, you run into people you know by accident. You learn people’s names and can go to a restaurant and order ‘the usual’. You have more time and can get more done, and people greet you in the street with recognition and a smile.


A few weeks ago I had a crystallising moment. I visited the breakfast hut and ordered Avacado eggs with salmon, ‘the usual’. I looked at my phone, and paused. The thought of spending the next four years reading scary Trump/Brexit news filled me with a mixture of boredom and dread. 

So I put my phone back in my bag, and watched the staff cook my breakfast. I was really impressed by how efficient they were. I havn’t looked at the news since.

I have enjoyed Thailand. I like the uniquely Bhuddist culture, the friendliness of the locals and that something unexpected happens every day. The food is great, bargains can be found but no-one is selling too hard.

Thai tree surgery starts at the bottom

But, alas, I must move on. My visa has expired, and the controlled burning has put a smog over the valley that would concern a Chinese weatherman. I have a bus back to civilisation tomorrow, then I’m back on the road.

Controlled burn at night. Also, my tripod fell over.
Smoke. The distant mountains are really beautiful.
Sad elephants do an anxiety dance

Sculpting each scale takes time
Obviously I mastered the lotus position

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