Masjid, Melaka, Malaysia

Due to last month’s nerve gas assassination of Kim Jong-Nam, immigration at Kuala Lumpur airport was tighter than usual. Luckily they finished decontaminating the terminal last week, so I am unlikely to have been exposed to any residual VX nerve agent.

Malaysia appears to have three main seasons; sweaty, sweatier and sweatiest. It’s really hot. The host at my hostel advised me:

“Take a coat when you go out. It rains here often, almost every week.” 😂

Food here is standard Asian fusion. Unique dishes are bean curds and something called ‘Claypot Drug Frog’. I’ll by trying that one out before I go.

A box of frogs. Not as crazy as you have been led to believe.

I’m currently eating a shaved ice dessert with multiple layers of deliciousness. The bottom layer is…. sweetcorn and kidney beans. Yargh.

I’d like something edible, please
Malaysian Rickshaws won’t fail to be spotted by drivers
A replica of the first ship to conquer Melaka


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