My Introduction to Vietnam…..

“I’ll have a mango sorbet please. Hold the beans.”

This is just one sentence I never thought I would have to say. The food here is weird.

I’ve spent a few days in Ho Chi Minh. It’s like Thailand, but with Indian traffic. I only visit the shops on my side of the road, as I’m afraid I’ll die  if I cross.

It’s great to visit a theme park that isn’t owned by a corporation

I bumped into my mate Kerian and we spent a few days visiting stuff. There was a Bhuddist themed water park, full of cool stuff but also many kids.

I’m considering training a dolphin to do my taxes

Yesterday we took a tour of the Me Kong Delta, and discovered that even the waterways in Vietnam are congested.

Anyone want some snake oil? It cures what ails you.
Get the fish steamed, not fried

I’m getting a bit sick of sunshine ☀️, so I’m heading north. I’m looking forward to having to wear a coat. Kerian is heading south, down under 🐨

Fun fact: Bees can only eat honey from their own hive.

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