Hanoi and Halong Bay

There are nine trillion motorbikes in Hanoi 🎶 

That’s a fact 🎶

They’ll run you over and you’ll die 🎶

They’re on the pavement;

and it’s too late to ask why 🎶

My totally original song, to be sung to Katie Melua’s tune


I’m heading east from Hanoi. I can’t recommend the street menu, as the added food poisoning was not the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Two stars.

This is as close as I could get to Lucozade and Digestive biscuits

Everyone is burning money in the street. I asked around and it’s a local superstition, for the beginning of the lunar month.

Street games by the Turtle lake
Fresh Seafood, caught to order

I’ve made my way to Ha Long Bay. I’ve checked into my favourite type of hotel – one undergoing redecorating. Half price, and I get all the ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️’s to myself.

Ha Long is foggy today. I’d love to show you the towering limestone cliffs, but I can’t see them myself yet.

Junker Port, the view from my balcony

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