Seaplane Blues

Ha Long Bay is renowned for its sleepy cruises amongst the maze of limestone pillars.

I made this black and white as there was very little colour in it

My tender stomach didn’t like the idea of spending three days on a boat, eating whatever they decided to cook me. I found a nifty seaplane parked down the jetty and made some enquiries about a scenic tour.

A vehicle that can traverse air, land and sea

The weather was still very British; grey with extra moisture. The pilot said they can’t fly until Saturday, so I spent a few days watching movies on my laptop and doing some photos from the local ferries.

Visit Rainland, the rainiest place on Earth!

Here is an observation about Vietnam – there are people here who speak zero English. I have met hotel receptionists who don’t understand ‘tomorrow’, waitresses who look puzzled at a request for ‘water’, and taxi drivers who can’t decipher ‘airport’. I think this will only get more common as I go further north, I need to brush up on my international gesticulations.

Burning valuables with a calendar appeases the universe. I hope the universe doesn’t notice the money is fake.

This morning, the weather cleared up and I took my first ever seaplane flight. It’s less bumpy than tarmac, though we had to wait for the fishing boats to move aside before we found a ‘runway’.

Ha Long Bay, as the birds see it

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