East Meets West in Hong Kong

Imagine a beehive collapsing around a black hole. That’s about half as crowded as Hong Kong. I don’t fit anywhere in this city.

My ‘double en suite’ hotel room

The city is a bustling three dimensional maze of subways, walkways, alleys, catwalks, tunnels, tiny shops and (admittedly, good) restaurants located on the nineteenth floor of a block of flats.

I never thought I’d see thirty story scaffolding made of bamboo

The locals affectionally refer to the area as ‘Hong Kongcrete’. There is near-zero public space, no benches, parks or grass. They do have a charming double-decker tramway, apparantly built to carry tiny children around.

The top deck is a good spot for photography

I’m probably just upset that I’ve banged my head four times in three days. Hong Kong has a great atmosphere, lots to see and do, and no-one wastes your time. The subway network is better than London, everything is well-planned and efficient, and you can buy anything here. If only it wasn’t at 3/5 scale, I’d love it.

Visibility is a problem even on the coasts
No-one actually offered me a kidney

Bonus Photo: This is the Dragon Bridge in DaNang, Vietnam. It only breathes fire at 9pm on Sundays so it missed my last update.


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