Ettiquette in Seoul

I thought I was getting better with chopsticks. In South Korea they use thin, flat, metallic versions. These don’t get the friction that the wooden ones do, and are reasonably heavy. I will persevere.

Namdemun Gate

I’m also reasonably sure Korean guys don’t wear underpants, as every other shop sells socks but no-one sells boxers. 25% of the shops sell barbecue noodles and the other 25%, digital cameras.

Free entry to palaces if you wear a traditional Korean dress!

I had a plan to visit Vladivostok in Eastern Russia, but after three days of visiting the Russian consulates I have given up. Without a Korean resident’s permit my only option for a tourist visa is to fly back to Hong Kong and wait eleven days to process my application. After eleven days in Hong Kong I would likely need the attention of a good osteopath, so I have set my Siberian dreams aside.

Those huge flat screens are everywhere
The wise play Bao in the park

I have booked a flight home from Osaka, Japan; I have thirty days to get there. I’ve decided there are worse places to spend that time than South Korea, I arrived just in time for the cherry blossoms.

Sky Rainbows greet my flight over the South China Sea

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