Gangnam Style

Have you ever wanted to see a show mixing Iron Chef with farce comedy? NANTA theatre is for you. Korea has a great sense of humour.

The Seoul tower has the world’s fastest elevator, moving you 554 meters in sixty seconds. The glass floor in the observation deck looks down on a busy crossroads, the perspective is really unique.

Seoul Lotte Tower
The further east you go, the uglier the crabs get…..
… but the ice creams get prettier
Upside down fish…
… and robot fish

Koreans do a lot of gaming. High speed internet is so common here, few people bother putting a password on their wifi.
This makes me a very sad panda

As Korean doorways are very narrow, they use these furniture cranes to get things through windows.

One thought on “Gangnam Style

  1. Phew! At last, a return to the world of Facebook.; the gremlins got into this account and have only just been banished with the help of Harriet on her return from her travels. So, with coffee to hand I shall indulge in the delight of catching up with your adventures over the last few weeks. Nx


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