East Korea, mostly in Pictures

I’m slowly moving down the east coast of the Korean peninsula. This is the most alien place I have ever been. Everyone is friendly, but no-one speaks a word of English and there are no other western travellers. All the signs are in Korean which makes finding anything difficult.

You havn’t lived until you have slept in a heated pod

The food here is good, but weird. Lots of Kimchi (fermented cabbage in chilli sauce, I think), slow cooked meat, pickled and raw veg and tons of seafood.

Either they worship fish or honour fishermen

Normally I would find some foreign restaurants and eat something more familiar; Italian places are worldwide, and you normally find kebab shops by the local mosque. But, no such luck, in Korea it’s Kimchi or nothing.

After being on the road for five months, I have walked through my remaining pairs of trousers. As I have also run out of repair thread, I think a supply run is needed. There are a few mountaineering places in Pohang, fingers crossed they do clothes in my size. My shoes are still wearable but are no longer waterproof.

I did some climbing
Valley view
Bhuddists always make the biggest statues
I thought the headspot was a Hindu thing
Cherry blossom waterfall
Bhudda cave…
…it was a 600m climb


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