Life in the Monastary

I have spent a few days in the mountains of southern Korea, living at a Bhuddist temple. The monks wake us up at 4am, for chanting, meditation and martial arts practice.

After silent breakfast of rice and seaweed, we practice archery. There is a camera crew present, I think I’m going to be on television in Singapore.

The chief discipline is Sunmudo, a meditative combat art. Each monk also specialises in a single discipline, such as singing or dance. The monks are far more talented at this stuff than I am.

I took tea with the Grand Master, and we discussed his religion. Currently, 60% of new Korean monks are female, which is changing Bhuddism.

After more martial arts and more seaweed, bedtime is at 8:30pm. I was out like a light.

Temple puppies! All the dogs here are really quiet. Except the mother, who bit me.

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