All Trains Track to Tokyo

I forgot my receipt when I left my hotel this morning. The receptionist chased me down the street to deliver it.

Japanese people are extremely helpful. To a fault, in fact. Even when they have already tried to help, and I have no expectation that they are in a position to assist me, they will continue to go to extraordinarily futile lengths to resolve the situation. More often than not I would be better off continuing on my journey and asking someone else.

I’m moving down the train networks to Tokyo. I took a relaxing stop at Bunny Island, a fun place with a sad history. It has been overrun by rabbits released from poison gas labs after WW2.

They seem to like fresh veg
Bunny hunts my sandwich

There are some good views from the train platforms; Mount Fuji still has snow on it, and Himeji Castle is really beautiful at sunset.

A short walk from the station
Mount Fuji

I’m mostly staying in business hotels, which are really efficient but havn’t been updated in thirty years. My bed has a cassette player in the headboard.

I forgot my cassette tapes……

My second night was in a pod hotel, watching Japanese TV and trying to sleep without a pillow.

Home Sweet Home

2 thoughts on “All Trains Track to Tokyo

  1. Sleep without a pillow! Now you know why the Japanese don’t have double chins. Looking forward to seeing you in a few days time. Nx


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