I left my toothbrush on Mount Fuji

Tokyo was really claustrophobic, so I escaped a day early and took a train into the mountains. I’m glad I did, as I got this 5am shot of Mount Fuji. I was hoping for a golden sunrise, I guess red will have to do.

It’s great to finally see some snow after my extended summer. Fuji Ice Cave has a pleasant temperature and a very low roof.

They make you crouch under this desk before you enter the cave

I’m mostly staying in homestays as I navigate the countryside. The Japanese generally have better English reading skills than speaking; but I was amused when I saw a sign proclaiming:

‘Towels are available for lent’.

Moving towards Kyoto, I have realised the bullet trains are really hard to photograph. You get mabye four seconds of audible warning that they are approaching the station, and if your camera isn’t out they are gone in the next three. Here are some shots at 1/2000 and 1/10 of a second.

And I finally have proof that selfie sticks are a menace! People have been struck by lightening when they wave them around under the power cables in stations.

I saw a group of Japanese tourists taking selfies with a herd of friesian cows yesterday. They did not look suave.

Next, onto Kyoto and Osaka. My last cities.


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